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The Brown Chair’s Research Agenda
By: Maren Leed

As the Harold Brown Chair in Defense Policy Studies integrates into CSIS’s International Security Program (ISP), we’re excited about our robust research agenda, as well as the opportunity to strengthen ties with our colleagues and gain greater synergies across our activities in the months ahead.

In September, we launched the first year of our Joint Service Innovation Discussion, a program involving 13 company-grade officers from across the military services who will come together to address key questions from senior leaders. Our hope is that this will contribute unique perspectives for the senior leaders and help to develop future leaders as well. We are also continuing our work on the Ground Forces and Security Dialogues, with a few events planned for the remainder of the year. We are also hosting a conference and workshop focused on best practices for communicating about science and technology to nontechnical audiences (November 7).

As we look ahead to 2015, we plan to take a deeper look at the military services’ approaches to talent management, a particular challenge at a time of force reductions and uncertainty about future force structure. As a corollary, we’re deeply interested in facilitating a broad conversation about leveraging social science advances in future warfare, in the personnel context and other areas.

We are also considering how best to address the myriad issues associated with military training. These include the best approaches for reestablishing competency in training management practices across a generation that has been focused on operations, and what the changing force posture might imply for how training is conducted.

Finally, we hope in 2015 to continue our previous work on how best to develop electromagnetic spectrum capabilities (to include cyber and electronic warfare) at operational and tactical levels. This includes examining how best to attract, develop, and retain cyber personnel, a critical enabler to this crucial capability.

We hope you’re able to attend or participate in our events going forward as we join the ISP team. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you share similar interests or have thoughts on additional areas we might explore.

Maren Leed is a senior adviser with the Harold Brown Chair in Defense Policy Studies and the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Other posts by .


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