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The International Security Program (ISP) includes a staff of more than 40 in-house scholars and researchers, taking on one of the most robust and ambitious research agendas in the field. Building on a solid foundation of conventional political-military issues, ISP is also committed to addressing a growing range of nonmilitary aspects defining U.S. foreign and security policy.

Dr. Kathleen H. Hicks directs the International Security Program and holds the Henry A. Kissinger Chair. Established in 1983, the Chair has pursued scholarship and dialogues on international politics, diplomacy, and national security policy, while commemorating Dr. Kissinger’s commitment and contributions to CSIS since 1963, as well as his continuing influence on U.S. policy.

ISP’s leadership also includes Mark Cancian, senior adviser, Rebecca Hersman, senior adviser and director of the Project on Nuclear Issues, Andrew Hunter, senior fellow and director of the Defense-Industrial Initatives Group, Todd Harrison, senior fellow and director of Defense Budget Analysis, Dr. Thomas Karako, senior fellow of the Missile Defense Project, Dr. Clark A. Murdock, senior adviser, and Sharon Squassoni, senior fellow and director of the Proliferation Prevention Program.