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Some Rules Aren’t Meant to be Broken: Reestablishing Humanitarian Principles
Sarah Minot | 7 June

In recent conflicts, the traditional rules of humanitarian neutrality and efforts to avoid civilian targeting have eroded. Long standing norms rooted in the Geneva Convention have been dramatically violated in recent years as the frequency and severity of attacks against health workers, facilities, and civilians have increased.

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U.S. Army Humanitarian aid being delivered
Navigating Instability: Collaborative Approaches, Complex Environment
Sarah Minot | 31 August

Much more collaboration is needed between the health and security communities to address instability in conflict zones. Instead of creating solutions together, instability has been addressed on a sector-by-sector basis.

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Young and Old: The Future of the Nuclear Enterprise
Sarah Minot | 26 November

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel released the findings of the nuclear enterprise review on November 14 and announced his intention to invest in and revitalize the aging nuclear force. Despite this commitment, monetary solutions alone will not resolve the issues plaguing the nuclear enterprise. The U.S. must commit to training and employing the next generation of nuclear policy experts and technical personnel to address systemic challenges.

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