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Reflections: Improving the Interagency Process
John Hamre | 26 February

CSIS played a substantial role in laying the foundation for the landmark Goldwater-Nichols legislation. Last December, we decided we needed to assemble leading defense intellectuals to help support the rising interest in defense reform. We recently polled that group and found that the greatest frustration and perceived need for reform is in the interagency coordination process

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Why I Stopped Using the “S” Word…and You Should Too
Todd Harrison | 29 January

It comes in many forms: sequester, sequestration, and (my personal favorite) sequestrable—as in “sequestrable budgetary resources.” Whether used as a noun, verb, or adjective, the “s” word has in many ways become synonymous with its four-letter counterpart, meaning something vulgar, offensive, and detestable. Everyone dislikes the “s” word, and for good reason. But I am increasingly dismayed at how the “s” word gets thrown around carelessly by senior policymakers as a way of avoiding a more difficult discussion.

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War Powers Irresolution
Colin McElhinny | 29 September

The war against the Islamic State continues to be fought without explicit authorization from Congress, the proposed authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) languishing with no lawmaker action in sight.

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