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Sight Unseen – Russian Auxiliary Submarines and Asymmetric Warfare in the Undersea Domain
Kathleen Weinberger | 31 March

Much attention has been given to the Russian navy’s fleet of attack submarines and their new class of ballistic missile submarines. Often overlooked, however, is Russia’s fleet of smaller “auxiliary” submarines, which have the ability serve as special mission vessels with unique and highly asymmetric capabilities.

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20,000 Drones Under the Sea
Andrew Metrick | 18 December

While they may never be able to match the capabilities and endurance of a manned, nuclear-powered submarine, unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) have the potential to dramatically affect the conduct of war at sea. Given their potential, the U.S. Navy must begin to think about and prepare for a world of 20,000 drones under the sea.

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