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From the Director’s Chair
Kathleen Hicks | 26 February

This issue marks a transition for For Your Situational Awareness (FYSA). The International Security Program (ISP) began this publication in November 2013 as a way to highlight the work of our many talented scholars. FYSA will continue to publish pieces that cross these and other lines of research underway in ISP, but beginning in March, we will focus this site on the work of our talented junior staff: ISP’s research assistants, research associates, interns, and visiting fellows.

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View of Ikata Nuclear Power Plant in Japan
Japan’s Nuclear Energy Future
Yukari Sekiguchi | 30 November

Japanese citizens are skeptical about the future of Japan’s energy policy despite the restarting of the Sendai nuclear plant in August and the expected restarting of the Ikata nuclear power plant next year. This skepticism can be attributed to a perceived absence of a strong leadership working to solve existing nuclear energy problems.

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Clockwork Implementation for the Iran Nuclear Deal
Sharon Squassoni | 28 October

The United States and European Union christened October 18 as JCPOA Adoption Day, signing orders preparing for the lifting of sanctions and unfreezing of Iranian assets. Yet, this is just the beginning. From a process standpoint, Iran has serious work to do to prepare for Implementation Day, which is when sanctions will actually be lifted.

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